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Which would you rather dance to at the Mustachio Bashio?

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The Revolution will be Tweeted

  • @Ronald_DECA @TheRealKeeganOB this will happen You are on my list of DECA legends ☝️

  • @AEastDECA @CRLC2013 great video! Some of those pictures were amazing ;)

  • @chels_krieg If anyone was wondering, turner rocking his creepy mustache is featured in the @CRLC2013 video on yYouTube. Hahahahahahahaha

  • @FOCUS_Lynds Did you attend @CRLC2013? Watch the Conf in Review video and thank @FOCUS_Kyle for his production skillz #takemeback

  • @DECAInc Missing #CRLC2013? @ConnorDECA is too! Find out why at @DECA_CR

  • @moll_rebecca Wishing I was still at #CRLC2013 was a pretty awesome experience!! #Sogoingnextyear

  • @Tan_Tan06 @KaatieAnne and I are going to Minneapolis next year #CRLC2014

  • @RomineNoodles I wish I could redo #CRLC2013 over again.

  • @FOCUS_Kyle Christmas is almost here! My book just might make the perfect gift for the high school/college student in your life!

  • @Kira_Anthony I'm ready for CRLC2014❤... #isthatweird #CRLC2013

  • @lovemetoo31 After 2 hours of school im definitely ready to go back to @CRLC2013

  • @Stayin_Real45 @CRLC2013 was so much this year , cant wait till next year #DECAlove

  • @MaddKlonsinski Laying in my own bed after 5 grueling days of DECA is pure bliss...thank you to everyone who came to @CRLC2013 it was a blast! #DECAlove

  • @LiveLifeCheryl There was a lot of cool people at crlc. I meet so many new friends. The guys at the dance were pretty good dancers. #CRLC2013 @CRLC2013

  • @British_Burton Wondering if post @CRLC2013 depression is a thing...

  • @PburgDECA Be sure to post any pictures from this weekend with #CRLC2013 and mention @CRLC2013 & us!

  • @LiveLifeCheryl Crlc was a great time. @CRLC2013 #CRLC2013

  • @Lisa_Nicewanggg @CRLC2013 Had an amazing weekend in Wisconsin ! Such a great experience #CRLC2013

  • @jkeils007 Too hype for #CRLC2014 in Minneapolis next year!!

  • @andreablomquist “@Kub_A_Shack: Missing @CRLC2013 a ton right now!!! #withdrawal” seriously though!!